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Back to Basics Challenge Week 4: Self-Care

Self-Care Gate Keeper

Self. Space. Serenity

Back to Basics Challenge has been in eye opening experience. It blows my mind how simple and little changes really do make an incredible impact over time. I think the key is to create a strong foundation over time and to maintain it lovingly as a lifestyle. This week’s challenge is focusing on self-care. Back to basics is already about caring for your health but I really want to hone in on conscious self-care throughout the day. You might ask: What does that even mean? It means to make conscious decisions that put you in the driver seat of your own juicy and happy life. It means to put “your oxygen mask” on first. It means to put your health, your thoughts, and feelings first.

Women and sensitive folk have a really hard time with putting themselves first. At times, the nurturers need to nurture themselves to keep contributing to their world. I encourage you to stop and think about what you do everyday to keep your engines running on full. What are the thoughts that you consciously hold that add value to your life? The best advise that I heard at an international health conference last summer was this phrase:

“Be the gate keeper to your mind”

Guard what you expose yourself to everyday because the thoughts you have really do impact your body. Think back to moments of stress and anger, I imagine that it didn’t feel good in you body. Personally, I know that if I get upset, I physically shake and my breathing goes wonky. I am using an extreme example but the little things over a course of a day adds up and takes a toll that a lot of us can’t afford to pay. We need to be in prime shape with engines on full to enjoy a life that we can love.

A check list for your Gate Keeper:

  • Clean up your social media feeds to people, pages, businesses, images and quotes that add value to your life. It may seem like nothing but when you are cruising your news feeds, you are taking in everything that everyone is willing to dump on you. You can choose what you see. Choose to smile, to laugh, and to feel good.
  • Choose to take a break when you need it to refuel. I love taking a bath to wind down the day. My skin care routine that I neglect too often to save time is actually a time of relaxation and self-care. Don’t skip the little things. Indulge in them.
  • Choose what events to go to that add value to your life. And, feel good about saying “No” when some thing doesn’t feel right or you are pressed for time. I am giving you permission to wave your “No” flag.
  • For one week, turn off the news channel. It is unnecessary mental stress to feed yourself daily meals of things you can not control right now. On a biological level, you are jacking up your cortisol levels every time you get stressed out…signalling your body that there is a fight when there is not one.
  • Create mental and physical space for you to feel good. Let go of problems and people that you can not help right now. Make a space at home that is just right for you. A place that you can read, snuggle, laugh, and unwind.

Back to Basics Challenge Week 4: Feed your inner Gate Keeper of Self-Care

I share this with all of you because it is a vital step towards lasting health. When your Gate Keeper goes off duty, you are susceptible to intruders that harm your health. Let me know what you do you take care of yourself! I love learning and hearing from you.





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