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My Dirty Secret: Trouble shooting with Green Juice (Recipes)

Juice. Refresh. Reset.

I have a dirty secret to share with you. For all of the learning and practice that I have done to heal myself, I made a detour awhile back. There was a huge chunk of time where I felt so vibrant, so healthy, and “normal.” Normal to me is feeling disease free and abundantly alive. I got comfortable in thinking that I was totally healed and that I could live like any other fabulous human being around that could eat pizza, chips, and all that tempting stuff (wheat, gluten, and dairy) without suffering from the consequences. Huge mistake. My mysathenia gravis symptoms came back.

I share this detour with you because I don’t want you make the same mistake. When you decide to make a lifestyle change stick to it. Know that the steps that you are taking to heal yourself are also the steps that you need to maintain that health. This time around, I am not worried that MG will stay with me forever because I know exactly what needs to be done for vibrant health.

This way of living is my medicine not just a lifestyle choice

For a lot of you, it can be a lifestyle choice to feel, look, and live your best. For others, this way of eating and living may be one of the few ways for you to live a life of quality. Be honest with yourself why you are making changes. Your why will be the main fuel of success. Either way, I am here to support you and your journey.

Step 1 to resetting my system is through a juicing cleanse. The first time I did one, I went for 49 days on just fresh green juice, water, and coconut water. From that experience, I healed up dramatically but I also learned since then more appropriate lengths of time and recipes to make it better.

Phase 1: Juice Cleanse – 7 to 14 days using a variety of recipes

  • 7 days of juice cleansing is manageable, effective and safe. Depending on where you are at with your health you can go longer but keep it under 14 days. Going to long on just liquids can mess with your metabolism and thyroid function.
  • Vary the juice recipe daily. This is a key strategic move because when you consume the exact same thing for 4 days or more, your body can become sensitive to those ingredients. Also, it simply gets boring to drink the same thing day in and day out. This has got to be fun for you to keep going.
  • Respect your body and your process. If you can only do 3 days that is better than zero days. To start, you can try it for one day only or just add 1 green juice in a day. Love yourself along the way.
  • Know that when you are drinking green juice, you are nutrient loading your body, detoxing, hydrating, and giving your digestive system a break that allows for healing to occur where you need it in your body. WIN!

On to the green juice recipes that will keep you smiling. Lets cover the basics of the green juice formula:

  • Your base are things like carrots, cucumber, and celery.
  • Your green comes from things like spinach, kale, and other green leafy beauties.
  • Your sweetener are things like beets, carrots, pineapple, apples.
  • Your extra zing and exra flavour come from things like lemon, ginger, and herbs.

With this formula, you can totally experiment with what you have in your home. If you are diabetic, use less sweeteners. If you are brand new, don’t be shy with your apples because it will make your first green juice experience more inviting. If I want to, I can leave out the sweeteners and still be happy with my juice. Don’t be afraid to make it your own.

Dark Green Beauty

Juice: 2 Cucumbers, 5 Celery stalks, 3 cups of mix organic greens, 1 apple, and 1/2 a lemon

Tropical Fun

Juice: 1/2 a pineapple, 1/2 an apple, 1/2 a lemon, and 2 cups of spinach

Extra Vitamin C

Juice: 1 cucumber, 5 celery stalks, 4 carrots, 2 apples, 3 cups of spinach and a nub of ginger

For my cleanse days, I will drink 3-4 mason jars of juice a day. On top of it, I will be certain to drink a lot of water, too. If I am cold, I indulge in some herbal teas. Listen to your body and love it.

I am often ask what juicer I use in particular. Right now, I have the Hurom Slow Juicer because it is reasonable priced in relations to the other “higher end juicer models,” it juices quickly, and it presses the juices. Most importantly, my juice keeps all of its enzymes and life force because it does not get heated up by any mechanisms or blades. To boot, the clean up is quick because there are not very many parts. If you want to know where to find one and to learn more, you can check one out in the juicers section at the Food Matters Shop

Get in the kitchen and play. Let me know about your creations because I love learning new recipes, too. I will be juice cleansing for a minimum of 7 days. The more recipes I can get my hands the better.



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Back to Basics Challenge Week 2: Hydrate for Lasting Change


Vavavoom. Rejuvenate. Heal.

Last week was all about sleeping at the right time for the biggest bang of your snooze time. The results of sleeping by 10 pm have proven to me that the effort in building this habit is worth it. This week, I have been waking up more refreshed, my productivity has increased, and I feel good. I know that is just the beginning and that over time, my health will improve even more from deeper and more rejuvenating sleep. This week, it is time to add in the second habit that is free and fast for health and longevity: Hydration.

Drinking water is such a simple addition but, sometimes, it can feel like all you do is drink water, go to the bathroom, drink more water, go to the bathroom, and on and on the cycle goes. You might ask: Why bother? Here is a short list of many more examples of what hydration can do for you:

  • Relieve headaches
  • Relieve aches and pains in the body
  • Soften your skin
  • Reduce overall body puffiness (face, eyes, etc)
  • Prevent kidney stones
  • Flush out toxins
  • Support your detoxifying organs like your liver, kidneys, bladder, and skin
  • Rejuvenate your body
  • Bring out the youthfulness in your body
  • Support your brain function (have you ever noticed that when you are studying or doing intense mental activity, you need more water?)

Even from that short list, you can see how drinking water can up your game. Just like it is with sleep, how much water you drink and when you drink it can really impact the benefits. Lets look at the numbers when it comes to staying hydrated. Because we are made up more of water than anything else, it is essential to drink an optimum amount of water. Just to keep your body running properly, you need a minmum of 2 Litres a day. However, if you are already deeply hydrated, active, or feeling thirsty, 3-4 litres of water a day will get you off to a really good start. Check out this amazing transformation that this one writer went through by drinking 3 litres of water a day for four weeks: How Drinking 3 Liters of Water a day took 10 Years off my face by Sarah Smith

Back to Basics Challenge Week 2: Drink 3 litres of water a day

In the beginning, it may feel like all you do is go to the bathroom because your body is so excited to have the resources to do its job of flushing out gunk. Don’t fret too much. After awhile, your body will adjust to the water consumption and level out on the cleansing.

Best times to drink water:

  • First thing when you wake up, drink 2 glasses of water (optional: with lemon) to get all of your organs fired up and running for the day
  • 30 mins before meals because if you drink water too close to meal times, you can muck up your digestion. The water can dilute your digestive juices that breakdown food. So timing is important.
  • Stop drinking ample amounts of water a few hours before bed to prevent frequent night time trips to the washroom.
  • Drink water instead of snacking. Sometimes when your mind is craving a munchie, you are actually needing water. Use your discretion with this tip. Drink water first. If you are still hungry, grab a healthy snack.

Type of Water:

This is a hot topic because some people are adamant about only drinking tap water or only drinking bottled water or only drinking fresh spring water that you have sourced from a local spring. Regardless of what camp you are in, drinking water is essential. Pick your source and go for it. Some things to consider when choosing your source of water:

  • Make sure it is clean
  • The more alkaline that your water is the better because, for the most part, we are too acidic. This is a topic that we will dive into later on.
  • Make sure that the extra chemicals, bacteria, parasites and the like have been filtered out.

There are different ways to ensure these elements are being met. You can have an awesome gravity fed filtration system in your home that in the long run would be more cost effective then buying bottled water. Personally, I have a Santevia counter top water system. I fill up mason jars in the morning and carry them with me. Sometimes, people think I am drinking Moon Shine. It makes for a fun conversation.¬† If you are in a city with an excellent water system, you may be safe to go with tap water. Don’t stress to much about it because that defeats the purpose of the back to basics program.

Give your water some vavavoom:

  • Add sliced lemons! This will add flavour but, also, energize and alkanize your body.
  • You can spruce your water up with different fruits and herbs to create¬† your own “vitamin” waters. My favourite combo: Fresh mint leaves and lime wedges.

There is no replacement for water. Your teas and coffees do not count for your 3 liters a day because they do not have the same effect on your body.

Time to get hydrated!

Cheers, LR

PS: Follow the blog to get updates on the Back to Basics Challenge and leave a comment below to let me know how you are getting on with the challenge. Your tips and feedback are welcome!

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