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Back to Basics Challenge Week 6: Get What You Really Want by Slowing Down

slow down

Slow. Intention. Ember

Last week, I talked about how I lost weight but what I really should have mentioned was that the weight loss was a by product of freeing myself from a neuromuscular autoimmune disease called Myasthenia Gravis. There are so many roots to disease but I truly believe that if you give the body the tools it needs to heal, it will do so. The body wants to feel good and be a healthy being. A part of my tool kit is eating more raw than not. This week, I want to share with you the other weapon that is at all of our disposal to take back our health and vibrancy: Slow down and focus your energy.

Lately, I have been walking around dropping little cheesy bombs into conversations like “Health is the spring board to our dreams.” It is true if you stop to think about it. When we feel good and when we are vibrant, we have the energy in spirit and body to go after our dreams. Plus, when you are glowing, people love to connect with you. Connecting with others in the world is the driving force of business, friendships, relationships, and more. What ever your dream is being healthy will be a part of living out that dream.

It may be seem counter intuitive to slow down to gun after what you want but I believe it is essential to your success. Slowing down and focusing your energy can create better success because you expend your energy where you need to rather than going full boar on everything.

For example, when you are eating, eat consciously and mindfully. Really stop and breath in the scents of what you are about to consume. Stop and take in the sight of all the gorgeous nutrients that will feed your body. When you chew, do it slowly and do it thoroughly. This is not hokum talk either. When you chew your food thoroughly, your body has an easier time digesting the food and, therefore, you get more nutrients out of your food. A total win!

You can apply slowing down and being mindful to most situations. When you are exercising, be present. When you are spending time with your loved ones, put down your phone and really focus your energy on them. When you are being creative, give yourself the space and time to do it with your whole heart.

Back to Basics Challenge Week 6: Slow down and be mindful

  • Chew your food at least 10 times. Some people suggest 30-100 time but a good way to know if you have done it well is that your food is totally mashed up before swallowing.
  • Take time to look at what you spend your time on. Keep what serves you and let go of what does not. This way you can focus on the things that work for you in health, love, business, and your dreams.

It is the simple switches done consistently that impact our lives. When you are mindful about your actions, you will feel more at peace. Inner peace signals your body that it is safe to heal and it is time to feel vibrant. When I am not mindful, my body tells me through fatigue, burn out, weight gain, and symptoms of my disease start popping back up. The beautiful thing is that we have the ability to take back our health.

Let me know what you do to slow down. What area is hard for you to do mindfully? Leave a comment below.






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