Giving Back

Thank you for taking a moment to look at my giving back page. It is really important to me to serve and help others.  In my passion of spreading abundant living, there are two purposes that I love deeply: Real nourishment for the body and mind. With those two purposes being my pillars, there are two for-purpose organizations that I stand behind and wish to support. Please join me in supporting the Usana True Health Foundation and Pencils of Promise.

Usana True Health Foundation

The Usana True Health Foundation is really dear to me because it is a foundation about wellness and serving critical human necessities. This foundation is right in line with my core values and, for this reason, I can share it with you without hesitation. I do think it is important to state that I am not personally affiliated with this foundation and I do not get paid by them either. I share this with you because I think that they are serving a great purpose in our world.

What I really value about the Usana True Health Foundation is that every dollar of your donation goes to those who need the help. None of the funds are diverted to administration cost.

The foundation offers three programs to the world: Areas of Greatest Need, the Children’s Hunger Fund, and the Sanoviv Medical Assistance.

To learn more about the programs and how you make a tax-deductible donation, please check out their website: The Usana True Health Foundation

If you know me personally, you know that I love learning and studying. It is a deep love affair. I hope that anyone who wants to dive into learning has the means to do so but, too often, that is not the case. Lets work together to reach the goal of $500 by May 25, 2014. By reaching that goal, we will be giving 20 kids access to education.

Pencils of Promise

Pencils of Promise works with communities across the globe to build schools and create programs that provide education opportunities for children, no matter where they were born, or what resources they have. Pencils of Promise has broken ground on over 150 schools throughout Laos, Nicaragua, Guatemala, and Ghana.

Education is a cause that’s truly important to me, so I’m excited to join the Pencils of Promise movement that empowers lives around the world by increasing access to quality education for children in the developing world.

Please help me reach my fundraising goal by donating today. Just $25 allows Pencils of Promise to give a child access to education for one year. Thank you for your support. Everyone has promise. Education unlocks it.
You can learn more about P.O.P and give back here: Pencils of Promise

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