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weighing in #2

Since July 2011, the raw vegan life path has helped me knock out a 70 lb weight loss! All the while, I have been maintaining energy. The bonus to eating this way is I don’t ever feel like I am starving. In fact, it is quite the opposite. I feel well nourished. With the added energy in my life, I have been able to add BodyRocking to my exercise regime! BodyRocking has really helped to build my overall strength. I am reclaiming life day by day!


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weighing in #1

Four months ago, I officially kicked off my self-transformation journey with a 49 day juice feast. Since the juice feast, I have maintained a vegan diet that is roughly 95% raw. I feel stronger mentally and physically than I have since the diagnosis.

As an added bonus to the increase in vitality, I am down 50 lbs and 4 dress sizes!

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