Back to Basics Challenge Week 1: Pillow Talk

beautiful girl sleeps in the bedroom

Sleep. Sexy. Rejuvenate.

O my gosh! I am so excited to launch the Back to Basics: Health on a Budget Challenge today! ❤ ❤ ❤

Today, we are going to get down and dirty with some pillow talk about the easiest and quickest way towards optimal health: Sleep. It is a luxury and a necessity for longevity, healing, and productivity. You might be thinking, “What? I signed up for a health challenge and…we are talking about sleep!!?” Read through to the end, my friend, and you will see why this activity is the first habit that we are nuzzling up to for life.

For some of you this will be review, but let’s all get on the same program. When we were wee ones, our mamas and papas would get us in bed no later than 9 pm every night. If you were like me, you would fight this bed time curfew. I still fight going to bed now that I am an adult. Here is the thing though, our parents had it right. A consistent theme in health books on detoxing and healing across cultures is the thought that our immune systems does is self-cleaning and self-repair between the hours of 10 pm – 12 am. The trick behind accessing this awesome self-care activity is to be asleep during those hours. The flip side is that if you are not asleep during these hours night after night, your immune system won’t get to take care of business. This can lead to avoidable health problems. In the article, Sleep and Longevity, Dr. Kulrheet Chaudhary makes a fantastic observation with the statement: “Timing your sleep is like timing an investment in the stock market – it doesn’t matter how much you invest, it matters when you invest.” Dr. Chaudhary says that the deepest and most regenerative time to sleep is between 10 pm to 2 am. Any sleep after that time will be light and superficial. Holla! I can attest to these ideas. I know that when I go to bed after 2 or 3 in the morning, it doesn’t matter how much I sleep, it doesn’t cut it for me.

Beyond the immune system, another key component to sleeping at the right time is you get to maximize your melatonin activity. Melatonin is lovingly knows as the hormone that makes you sleepy. Another side to melatonin is that is a mega antioxidant that helps your body rid of free radicals during your sleep. Your body naturally produces melatonin when your body and eyes register that the sun has set and darkness is taking over the night. You can also help the process by taking high quality melatonin supplements in the evening. Be sure to take good ones and follow the instructions properly. They are a good aid to help you get back into a natural rhythm of sleeping at the right time.


– 10 pm – 2 am give you the deepest and most regenerative sleep. Also, your immune system gets to clean house! It is called Beauty Rest for a reason. Plus, you will get more out of your learning and work outs when you get proper sleep.

– Melatonin helps you get to sleep and is a powerful antioxidant.

This week’s Back to Basics Challenge: Asleep by 10 pm

It is so simple but it can be a challenge because you think that you can get everything done before bed, but, truly ask yourself: “How productive am I after 9 pm?” More often than not, social media, tv, and the like are fighting for our attention at that time of night. Your beauty rest and your health takes priority. It really does in the grand trajectory of your life.

To help you get to sleep more easily, find ways to wind down:

  • Through meditation, deep breathing, and some stretching. This activities help you to relax and feel more connected to your body.
  • Have a policy for yourself that technology is off by 9 pm. The light from those screens are stimulating and will stop your melatonin production.
  • One of the readers, Arlene, suggested that it awesome to remove as much gadgets from your room as possible to reduce the light. And, when traveling, a sleeping mask can go a long way in helping to get that black out your body needs to produce melatonin. What an awesome tip!
  • You can start slow, too. Move your bed time up at a regular interval over the next few weeks till you reach your goal.

I am not saying that you have to do this everyday of your life, but, I am saying that being asleep by 10 pm is a necessary habit that we should exercise consistently. The late night outs and the all nighters need to be an exception in your life rather than a common occurrence. This has been a challenge my whole life but I am really excited about waking up feeling rejuvenated and ready to take on the day. The idea that my work outs and my eating habits will pay off even more just by giving into sleep is titillating.

Are you with me? Let’s make sleeping at the right time a life long love affair for our health and beauty! Sleep is the foundation that we will build a temple of health upon.

You can do it!! Share with me in the comments how you get to sleep on time? What are your tips and routines?

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2 responses to “Back to Basics Challenge Week 1: Pillow Talk

  1. Arlene

    Great article LR! I have also learned that reducing all light in your bedroom and removing all technology gadgets as well. If you are holidaying or travelling and can not control the light in your room use a blackout mask, they help so much along with a small dose of Melatonin. Sweet dreams!


    • Thank you, Arlene! Yes, what a great idea to bring a black out mask. They are easy to pack and do the trick. Plus, it is so glam to wear a sleeping mask. haha 🙂 With the technology, you are so right. Charging your phone in a different room and turning your clock away from you are great things to do, too. I will take your suggestions and add them to the blog! Thank you 🙂


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