Back to Basics: Health on a Budget Challenge

Back to Basics: Health on a Budget

MEEP MEEP! So excited to share with all of you a series of posts that will be under the spotlight for the next while. Last night, I was really inspired to create a blog series about getting healthy on a budget. This is a subject that is very real and dear to me because I can whole hardheartedly empathize with people that face the vicious cycle of getting sick that causes you not to work that causes you to stress about not making money that then causes you get more sick but then you don’t have enough money to do all the trendy or must-do health things to get you back to work again. AAAH! A vicious beast.

Health and money are lovers that impact each other deeply but your health is the foundation of it all. Your health is the spring board to the rest of your desires and dreams.

Lets get back to the basics! What can you do now to improve your health? I am going to challenge myself and others to add new habits every week that are simple but effective to improving your overall health.

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Share your pics on social media with the hashtag: #backtobasics

I am so excited to get this started!

We will launch the first challenge Monday March 10, 2014!

Getting back to the basics,


PS: I am creating this challenge just as much for me as it is for you. It is not a straight climb to the top. And, this challenge will get me back where I need to be, too. Let’s do this together 🙂



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2 responses to “Back to Basics: Health on a Budget Challenge

  1. Arlene

    So awesome! We can not put a price tag on our health, and I believe that it is the small daily actions that lead to better health. Eat an apple instead of a quick fast food snack,take a daily walk, attend a regular yoga class or do simple stretch session at home every morning. It all pays off. Love this idea LR! Health does not need to cost a lot of money .


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